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A Pawsitive Difference

Dog Training Ottawa


Keep your "Social Distance Dog Training" 

How and Why?

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About Me

Assessor and Adjudicator for The Life Line Canada Foundation

Dedicated to Positive Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

PTSD Service Dog Trainer for Veterans and First Responders

My name is Viola Larkin, owner and founder of A Pawsitive Difference Dog Training, Ottawa.

I have over 20 years dog training experience, specializing in puppy classes,  advanced training, behavior and Service Dog training.

By teaching your four legged companion appropriate dog behavior, it is my goal to help you create the dog relationship you always wanted. 


Fees: $75 per hour for customers in Orleans

$95 per hour for customers in Ottawa/Rockland

Call for Service Dog Training for PTSD and Mobility



Puppy Kindergarten

​Building a strong foundation:

  • Sit stay,

  • Down stay,

  • Stand stay,

  • Coming when called,

  • Loose leash walking,

  • Preparation for grooming & vet visits,

  • Crate & house training and,

  • Prevention of unwanted behaviors

Advanced Training


Focus on advanced training:

  • Reinforce previous learned commands

  • Weening of treats

  • More distractions

  • Off leash control

Behavior modifications:

  • Jumping,

  • Lunging, 

  • Biting,

  • Counter surfing and

  • Dog aggression.

Service Dog Training:

  • Mobility assistance,

  • PTSD

  • Psychiatric Service Dog

Call to book an appointment 613-859-5057


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a pawsitive difference v1 (Logonew).png

A Pawsitive Difference

Dog Training Ottawa


Keep your "Social Distance Dog Training" 

How and Why?


Let's Talk Covid-19 and Social Distance Dog Training.

All one-on-one dog training will resume after the Ontario 28 day lockdown. 

Payment will be by E-transfer only to pawsitivedifference@gmail.com at the end of each lesson. 

Call me at 613 859 5057 to discuss. 


PTSD Service Dog training for Military Veterans, First Responders and Police Officers that have been injured in the line of duty.


Training your own PTSD Service Dog is not for everyone. It may add more stress to your life but at the same time might be the most rewarding experience. You will create a strong bond, feel safe and your dog will not judge you ever. A PTSD Service Dog can help you lesson the trauma associated with triggering events and going in public. A Service Dog for PTSD is taught behaviours that help people with PTSD to better cope with fear and anxiety.


Owner train your own dog:


-Find the right dog for the job

-Teach manners and obedience

-Master public access

-Train specific tasks that mitigate your disability


A Pawsitive Difference Dog Training (www.apawsitivedifference) is located in the National Capital region.



Please contact for more info

A Pawsitive Difference Dog Training School, Ottawa

Head Trainer Viola Larkin

613 859 5057



"Very Professional"

Viola’s consistent approach to training has allowed for improved understanding and communication with our Sasha. Her teaching methods are pet-friendly and owner-friendly. Viola’s non-invasive training courses are planned, systematic and provide our Sasha with structure. Her comments and opinions are relevant, clear and concise.  Also, her flexible schedule and mobility has greatly eased the dog training process.

We are thrilled with the training results and thank Viola for her assistance!

Précila and Erik
Ottawa, Ontario

"Great Service"

I just wanted to thank you for your professional and patient dog training. I finally have more confidence knowing some basic tools to continue working with Pippa. The in house sessions were easy to follow, covered a variety of techniques all of which are exceeding my expectations. The best part is I'm experiencing
Increasing success as we practice. I'm so pleased and grateful to have secured your service.
Many thanks,
Greg S 

"Kind & Loving"

Just wanted to share the fantastic experience we had with you Viola. Sky our rescued German Shepherd has continued to improve on her manners and behaviour. Your knowledge and positive re-enforcement techniques are the best in Ottawa. As you were aware I have trained Shepherds before-- but for an entirely different role, not as a family pet per/say. Neeve and I learned more about ourselves than I could imagine. Sky loved you also very much. She is one happy dog and we will continue to train her with your methods forever. Thanks again. Talk soon.

Al & Neeve Harvey

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