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Service Dog Training 

-Hearing Ear Dog

-PTSD  Service Dog

-Mobility Assistance 

Owner train your own dog:


-Find the right dog for the job

-Teach manners and obedience

-Master public access

-Train specific tasks that mitigate your disability


Training your own PTSD Service Dog is not for everyone. It may add more stress to your life but at the same time might be the most rewarding experience. Your PTSD Service Dog will create a strong bond, help you feel safe and your dog will not judge you ever.  A PTSD Service Dog can help you lesson the trauma associated with triggering events and going in public. A Service Dog for PTSD is taught behaviours that help people with PTSD to better cope with fear and anxiety.

A Pawsitive Difference dog training is located in the National Capital region.


Hearing Ear Dog

Hearing Ear Dogs are trained to alert their owners to common sounds like doorbells, timers, smoke alarms, telephone, babies cry or alarm clocks. Hearing Ear dog will make physical contact with their master, nudging or pawing them to get their attention and to lead them to the sound.  They offer valuable assistance for people with severe hearing impairment. 

Mobility Assistance Dog

A Mobility Assistance Dog is trained to assist a physically disabled person who has mobility issues, such as poor balance or being a non-ambulatory wheelchair user. This dog will pick up or carry object,  opening and closing doors and turn light switches on and off. Mobility assistance dogs can have a significant positive impacts on the lives of their handlers.

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