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All my classes are private...

$130 an hour for 4 lessons held in your home/neighborhood

$115 an hour for 4 lessons held at a local park in Orleans (May-Oct.)


Puppy Kindergarten

Building a strong foundation from day 1:

  • Sit stay,

  • Down stay,

  • Stand stay,

  • Coming when called,

  • Loose leash walking,

  • Preparation for grooming & vet visits,

  • Crate & house training and,

  • Prevention of unwanted behaviors


Basic/Advanced Dog Obedience

Focus on advanced training:

  • Reinforce previous learned commands

  • Weening of treats

  • More distractions

  • Off leash control

Service Dog Laundry.jpg


Behavior modifications:

  • Jumping,

  • Lunging, 

  • Biting,

  • Counter surfing and

  • Dog aggression.

Service Dog Training:

  • Mobility assistance,

  • PTSD

  • Psychiatric service 

Call 613-859-5057 to book an appointment
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