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Dog Training and Obedience Classes

A dog that is trained with pawsitive reinforcement,  is one that will be able to think for themselves.  This is because it is "their" idea and they will be inclined to give you the desired behaviour over and over.

With more than 20 years of expertise in working with all breeds of dogs, I will teach you to stop your dog from jumping, lunging, pulling and barking (as well as any other unwanted behaviours).  

My 15 years of experience training Service Dogs has taught me a great deal about how important good manners are since these dogs venture into all kinds of public venues.

It is heartbreaking to see that 25-50% of dogs are given up because their owner is not able to manage their dog's behavior.  As a former volunteer trainer with the local Humane Society, I can give you and your dog the proper tools so these situations can be prevented.

My goal is to inspire and help you meet every challenge by customizing the needs of you and your dog.  It is important to note that as a dog owner, it will require you to implement an effective strategy.

All my Classes are Private

All dog training and obedience classes are held in your home/neighborhood. 


I service the following locations:

  • Orleans

  • Gloucester

  • Cumberland

  • Blackburn Hamlet

Select from one of the many dog training and obedience classes available below.  Not seeing exactly what your dog needs?  I can customize your training to meet your goals.  Contact me for more information.

Flexible Payment Options

I understand that it can be a challenge to balance your budget.  Flexible payment options are available.  I accept payment with PayPal (including credit cards), e-Transfer, or cash. 

Registration Form

You will be required to complete the Registration Form prior to starting your classes.  Please download and save the PDF form to your device or computer.  Form fields may be completed on your device, computer or printed and filled out in ink.  


Once completed, email the PDF form to:

Dog Training and Obedience Classes

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