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Hi, I'm Viola Larkin

  • Worked with Canines with a Cause as Service Dog Assistant Trainer and Puppy Raiser Coordinator (Canines with a Cause is now affiliated with Canadian Guide Dogs) .

  • Completed apprenticeship with Bev Hurst, K9 101 and have worked with her as an assistant trainer.

  • Teach puppy kindergarten, advanced obedience, agility, Rally O and trick training.

  • Worked with dogs with behaviors issues such as aggression.

  • Have volunteered at the local Humane Society in the hopes to make dogs more adoptable and help them find a "forever home". 

  • Professional Pet and Service Dog trainer.

  • Provided instructional training for Mobility Assistance,  Psychiatric  Service Dogs and dogs for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

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Over 20 Years of Dog Training Experience

With lives getting busier; I offer in-home training classes and will work with you and your dog in the location where most of the behavior issues arise. 


I use pawsitive motivational training methods.  Your dog will want to work because he is having fun.  He will start offering behaviors because he wants to and not because he is forced to.


A dog that is trained via pawsitive reinforcement and voluntary behavior, is a dog that will be able to think for himself and because it is “his” idea, he will give you the wanted behavior over and over.

My expertise will teach you to stop your dog from jumping, lunging, pulling and barking just to name a few problem behaviors. Aggression modification training available as well. 


Having trained Service Dogs for the last 15 years, has taught me a great deal on how important good manners are since these dogs are venturing into all kinds of public venues.


As a former volunteer trainer with the local Humane Society.  It is heartbreaking to see that  25-50% of dogs are given up because their owner is not able to manage the dog’s behavior. Often when given the proper tools, these situations could be prevented.

Assessor and Adjudicator for The Life Line Canada Foundation

Dedicated to Positive Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

PTSD Service Dog Trainer for Veterans and First Responders

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